Our most recent photography projects

LTFUC Dinner and Dance

As part of the Relyable Photography, Our photographer took some stunning images at the LTFUC Dinner & Dance. Especially, he was a guest, but could not resist taking plenty of pictures on the night!

Our photographer captured the moment with some awesome shots on the night including The New Foundations who supplied the fabulous music  and of LTFUC committee member Michael Son with the excellent magician Matthew Buckley.

Cabmen’s Shelter Fundraising

Our photographer took some great pictures at the Cabmen’s Shelter Fundraising Day in Russell Square.

All food and drink on the day could only be purchased by donation with all proceeds going to the London Taxi Drivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children’s charity. Some of London’s finest taxi drivers also supported the charity on the day by donating their tips and helping to spread the word about the wonderful work that this charity does.

Better Pest Control

Our photographer spent the day with Better Pest Control to get the right imagery for the website and social media. As you can see, the photos were perfect to create a website which showcased what the owner actually does during a day in the life of and for their social media activity.

Nick Lockwood

Our photographer spent the day with Nick Lockwood to produce some images of Nick in the gym, doing what he loves best, so that he could showcase them on his website and across social media.