Project Description

The LTFUC came to Relyable via a recommendation from Black Cab Lessons.

The London Taxidrivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children (LTFUC) is an entirely volunteer led charity that does wonderful work including its famous day trips to Southend-On-Sea, where hundreds of volunteer taxi drivers take children to the coast for the day. They are lesser known for their wonderful work and funding on appeals and causes and have donated to many worthy children’s causes.

Their website had outgrown itself, was old code and unresponsive with no real user journey. The donations piece was severely lacking, no secure payment gateway or electronic gift aid.

Although the charity has been going for 90 years, the historical events that had taken place were lost deep in the content of the previous website, completely unsearchable. We agreed the way forward was to try and take visitors through a potted history of the charity with clear and concise ways for people to find out more, get involved and make donations.

The site is now fully responsive and as soon as you hit the home page you get a clear understanding on what the charity does and how you can help the charity. You can donate online or by text and already this year the charity have succeeded their online donations compared to last year and you can find out which organisations support the charity and how you can get involved.

The website went live in April 2018.

Take a look at the website!