Relyable support Russell Square Cabmen’s Shelter Fundraising Day

On Friday 29th June, Relyable had a day on location at Russell Square in London for the Cabmen’s Shelter Fundraising Day to support the charity the London Taxi Drivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children.

Katie Simmonds who has run the Cabmen’s Shelter for the last 4 years dressed up as Wonder Woman for the day and her partner in Crime Jude dressed up as Cat Woman while they served the donating customers.

Some of London’s finest taxi drivers also supported the charity on the day by donating their tips and spreading the word about this wonderful charity.

Our photographer spent the morning on location taking some pictures of the day.

Oh and Gary Oldman turned up for a photoshoot! He was filming nearby and we got the shot! Thank you Gary for helping to raise awareness of this wonderful charity! Oh, and if you ever need a website….